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Sales Lead

Erin Kramer

Erin is the mastermind behind our business operations. She is essential for our sales and market appearances and content creation. She can often be found in the most stylish and sparkly outfits typically running around our fashion show events with a camera in hand. She studied fashion and graduated from FIDM in LA. She has a large knowledge base and a passion for all things fashion. 




Taylor Groce

Taylor​ is our head of PR operations for Shawna Marino Bridal! She is also a graduate from Ball State University. Taylor majored in Public Relations with a minor in Travel and Tourism. She had an internship at Mallow Run Winery where she planned events and built her PR experience. Taylor is very essential part of the Shawna Marino Bridal team and does a lot of behind the scenes work to promote our brand to the community!

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