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Charleston Spring Photoshoot

It's official!! We are heading to Charleston, SC for our brand release photoshoot!!

After going back and forth searching for the perfect location for our shoot to fit the new collection; we have officially decided on the historic, charming town of Charleston. What was originally planed for a luxurious Hamptons photoshoot; my gut was just telling me it just wasn't the right fit. I stopped thinking about it, and trusted that God would lead me to the right place and decision. Fast forward to a few weeks later when a place that I visited when I was younger kept popping into my head, and I couldn't shake the thought of it. That was Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. What I loved about Magnolia was the old southern style feel, wearing pretty dresses, and ALLLL the flowers. If you know me you know I'm obsessed with large botanical gardens and the southern style. It was then that it finally clicked... I started doing some research from their instagram, websites, looking at pictures of locations on the grounds and fell in love. I knew it was God revealing this was the place to shoot.

This shoot in particular is very important because it is going to be my first ever big brand production shoot with all the works. We are pulling out all the stops to make it a hit, and capture the magical surroundings as well as the beauty of the new collection. I am familiar with bridal and shooting for that with a more romantic feel, but without saying much this new line is all color and unique so we needed to switch it up. I knew the gardens and the colorful surroundings of downtown Charleston would be perfect to encompass the natural yet still fun feel of each of the dresses.

The planning process began. I reached out the the staff at Magnolia and worked some things out to be able to shoot there, a dream come true. However, with that came the dilemma of finding a good photographer in that area because I am PICKY with photographers. The very next day Magnolia posted a photo that I could not stop looking at. It encompassed so much beauty while incorporating my preferred style when shooting so I clicked on the photographer, and God was at work once again. After looking to all her work and what she offered, I decided to go for it and shoot her an email and the next day had a call set up with her to discuss shooting. We instantly connected one creative mind to another, and the ideas started flowing. Without me having to tell her every struggle that I'm used to with shoots she instead told me those exact points, and has she avoids those struggles. My jaw was on the floor because I knew I found the right person. I was worried that with the shoot being soon that she would be booked up since she is in high demand, but the 2 dates she had available were the 2 I needed. Talk about a God thing... so we had both shoots booked the next day.

2 days later I was on Tiktok watching a video of a girl I follow that is very well known for being a bridal MUA, and as I was watching I heard her say Charleston. I paused and then clicked on her link to discover where she was at. Turns out she's based in South Carolina, so I again decided to reach out and ask her about doing models makeup. She had availability for the 2 days I needed as well. God was working all along. Things just kept falling into place the way they were meant to and within 5 days everything was set into place. It was then that I knew I had made the right decision about this shoot.

FURTHERMORE, now to share what you all came to this post for! We are doing a model call for this shoot for any girls around Charleston that are interested. We are looking for girls around the 18-23 age range with experience in prom or couture gown modeling, but that is not required! If you, or anyone girl you know may be interested; please apply on our website with your portfolio!

We are excited to share more details soon!! xoxo

Cover Photo: Sammi Jo Photography


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