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Shawna Marino

Bridal | Couture

We believe that every girl deserves to feel like a princess on her special day, and we are passionate about making that dream a reality. Our brand understands that it’s all in the details are devoted to creating gowns that surpass our brides expectations, from the intricate hand details to the finest quality materials. Whether you're looking for a couture mini dress or a lavish bridal gown; we design it all!



Our Story

We are always pushing boundaries with our designs and progressions, staying true to our roots while also stepping into new and exciting territories. Our brand began with bridal wear, but over the years we’ve expanded our range to include couture minis that suit any special event. We believe that your garments should empower you, bring out your confidence as well as accentuate your unique style.

From big-city beginnings to southern charm, we’re proud to have been featured in multiple fashion weeks around the world. We take inspiration from all corners of the globe ensuring that each piece is infused with the essence of the wearer. Where glamour meets sophistication; we produce garments that are full of sparkle and life.

Design Collections

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